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Tianna Rhymes | 29

(Yes, "Rhymes" is my real last name. Lol)

Beautiful people, I've created this site to showcase my work that I've done so far as a Film Director/ Cinematographer. My dream that I am currently making come true is to walk in my purpose as a Director. It all started with a passion for music. Growing up listening to 70's r&b, old school hip hop, and underground music, I developed a love for sound which paved the way for my dj career, but I knew something was missing. Watching MTV Jams and hood classics, I was introduced to Film pioneers such as Hype Williams, John Singleton, Spike Lee, and my newest favorite..Luis Perez. Music and film soon expanded my love for creating my own stories to go along with sound. Not just any kind of stories though. Stories that are pivitol, purposeful, and prosperous, yet  fascinating visually.

Everything I've done so far is self taught. It's time to keep growing. To further my career path, it's important for me to become apart of a film production family who shares the same love and values for film as I do.  With no degree or schooling behind me in this field, I hope that what I have to show so far is persuasive enough for a film company to give a young black creative a chance to grow and expand.


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